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We have searched and found the best places for your accommodation. We are always looking for partners that give great importance to hospitality and want to offer the best experience to their travelers.
If your hotel or rented apartment does not collaborate yet with JourneyPost, feel free to encourage them to contact us. In the mean time, we will offer you a code to fully enjoy Athens.

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Time to decide which Vuide you want (your own personal Virtual-gUIDE). From your quiz we have already created a selection of locals that fit you. Select one and see Athens through their eyes. Feel free to ask them anything you want by the way!

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Get your own tailor made program. We are not just offering you the typical suggestions. We are giving you a full-day program adjusted to you, with plenty of alternatives and tools and always with the most intriguing and updated activities to do. And do not forget, you still have the power to make requests to your Vuide.


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Local Viewpoint

Discover the place,
like you would if you
had a local right next to you
to guide you.


Save time and energy,
by letting someone
else create your trip,
using his experience.


More than enough activities
in Athens proposed by locals,
that you cannot find 
in any tourist guide.


Our people are continuously
discovering Athens,
to make sure you get 
the most updated 
activities out there.


Full day iteneraries,
designed according
to your emotions,
and desires.


You gain the ability to ask a local  any question you want. He will surely give you the best possible options to get the most  out of your trip!

some traveler's reviews

Traveler's reviews