about us

What are our next steps?

We are developing and evolving our product full time and at this point we are running a closed beta with our partners.We are very passionate though about creating a product that has multiple capabilities and can be a unique virtual guide to every traveler. So we have under development many features coming like:

  • improved matchmaking algorithm that will ensure you get the best vuide

  • improving our suggestions with advanced technology according to the feedback we receive

  • advanced map tools including iteneraries with all the spots you cannot miss

  • map tools with anything you need to gather around an unknown city

  • shortest and optimum paths to follow, to make the best out of your time

  • more and more content by locals so you will never miss what you are seeking to discover

  • content specially created to let you undestand what every experience has to offer

  • unique reccomendation system that will give you alternatives to your program

  • expanding to more places than Athens

MOre about us

We want to take make a difference with JourneyPost.

Our team consists of young people, with computer engineering and business background. We are passionate about creating an innovative product that can scale up and change the way travelers behave. We are aiming to create a platform that will connect the desire of discovering a place with the right technological tools. We are looking for more people with abilities and passion to come, to create something unique!!

Our team members

COmputer engineer
traveling expert

Anastasia Kritikou
Founder, Project Manager

I am Lawyer working at the same time on travel and hospitality business. Love coming in concat with people and facilitate them

Iakovos (Jacob) Kritikos
Co-Founder, Full Stack Developer

Computer Engineer! If you are looking for an efficient person who has been trained to find solutions, then Jacob is the one.

Stavroula Poulopoulou
Designer, Web Developer

Some people were born with the natural talent to sell. Manos is one of those people who shows respect to your needs, but can still make sure you see our competitive advantage.

Manos Papaioannou
Sales, Content Manager

If you are looking for an efficient person who has been trained to find solutions to problems, then Jacob is the one. His motto could be "nothing less than perfect that fits our clients' needs".

our system is based on our academic research.

It is very important for our team to use advanced technology in our products, as our core team consists of software engineers. We have created, used and are still developing complex algorithms that will help us make the best possible predictions of a traveler's desires and needs. We want to customize and continuously improve our algorithms, as we are interested in creating an innovative and effective solution. We consider these methods as our most precious assets and as long as we improve them we want to keep them private, but when we reach our technical milestones we want to share them as they are also part of our academic research in our Technical University.

Some Core Features?


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